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The Littlejohn Centre was set up in 2000 to provide a comprehensive and integrative resource centre for individual and family health, using the principles of Osteopathy.

At the Littlejohn Centre you will find that you are treated as a person rather than a condition. As such you are treated as a whole, rather than simply having your immediate symptoms tackled.

To that end, treatment includes education on the principles of healthy eating, regular exercise and stress management. Thus applying the principle of "self care". This leads to improved health and lasting results.

This comprehensive and integrative approach to health can be applied in a variety of ways, including osteopathic treatment, counselling, diet,  and other treatments. Comprehensive treatment programmes, combining specific lifestyle modifications, can be tailored to individual needs to help reduce symptoms and promote well-being.

The Littlejohn Centre is a registered charity (charity number CHY12666) whose aim is to promote this treatment approach and make it generally available.

Why use the littlejohn centre?

The Littlejohn Centre - A resource for your health

The principal aim of the Littlejohn Centre is to provide "a comprehensive resource for individual and family health"

Improve your lifestyleThis means that in the centre you will find practitioners who are skilled in not only Osteopathy but other therapies such as, Dietetics, and Counseling etc. While all practitioners are self employed they share the common principals and approach that the centre itself promotes

As a key feature of the centre, you will find that treatment is gentle and specific to patient needs, therefore, anyone regardless of age or condition can benefit from this approach.

By comprehensive, we mean the person or their condition is not looked at in isolation. Everybody's current state of health is a result of who they are, the family they came from and their life experience so far - including any traumas, illnesses or previous treatments.

Following Osteopathic principles, practitioners sift through the evidence they see, hear and feel, to find the root of the discomfort and ways of alleviating it. Diet, posture, lifestyle, emotional health and other factors may all be identified and may need to be modified.

Patients range in age from new borns to ninety and older, so neither age nor condition is a bar from treatment.

Families are often treated together, looking at them as a group as well as focusing on each family member individually.

As children's treatment is significantly different, all practitioners who treat children have specific training in this area or work under supervision.

Children are assessed and treated in the context of both their emotional and physical stages of development. We find that no matter what their condition - whether from severe behavioural problems, autism, asthma or physical disabilities like cerebral palsy - practitioners can find a gentle way of approaching them and their condition, even if it means working with them while they play on the floor.

The family context is very important. In many cases, treating a stressed or sick sibling or parent can be more beneficial to a child than direct treatment of their own condition.