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Nutritional Therapy
A survey of 37,000 adults found just 6% to be in optimum health. (ONUK, 2004).  Optimum health means having lots of energy, stable mood, clear skin and being free of pain.  Are you one of the other 94%?

Nutritional Therapy Aims To:

  • Help you alleviate health problems with easy-to-do dietary and lifestyle changes.

  • Show how your health issues may be linked to specific aspects of your current diet/lifestyle

  • Provide realistic advice tailored to your lifestyle, not someone else’s

  • Give you support and encouragement, even between sessions, to achieve your health goals
  • Let  YOU set the pace of change – together we develop a plan to move you forward.  You get to decide in each session how much is realistic for you to put in place afterwards.
  • Set health goals so you can monitor your progress over time.

What Problems Might be Alleviated by changes to my diet or lifestyle?

Our bodies are made up solely of what we eat, drink, breathe or absorb through the skin.  We need to have good digestion and enough nutrients in order to remain as healthy as we can be.  From skin problems to back pain, from poor digestion to stress or fatigue, lifestyle and diet play a major part.  

Did You Know?

Digestive problems often develop as a result of stress and a lack of healing nutrients such as folic acid and antioxidants in the diet.  An imbalance in the bacteria in your gut is also a common factor.  The gut is easy to damage but also has a tremenduous capacity to repair itself when given the right nutrients.
Skin problems more often than not are caused by poor digestion and poor liver function.  The liver works very hard to clear used-up hormones and other metabolic waste products in order to keep your skin clear and supple.  Sort out these and any digestive issues you may have and you are 90% of the way to perfect skin.  
Deficiencies of vitamins, minerals, and water can cause chronic back pain. We need certain vitamins to build and maintain disks to cushion the vertebrae in the spine and  need certain minerals to build and repair bone on a daily basis.  We also need enough water to hydrate the disks so they can cushion the spine effectively.  Certain foods and drinks can strip your body of the nutrients it needs to keep you comfortable.


"Empowering you to live your life, not just get through it"

Comments from Clients

"I went to Anna with osteopoenia (bone thinning) but what bothered me the most about my health was the back pain and stiffness. This was a real problem for me because I teach Pilates. I made some changes to my diet and Anna recommended I visit my doctor for a particular test which showed I had a serious vitamin D deficiency. This can cause bone fractures and pain. Within 3-4 weeks of starting Anna's recommendations to set this right I was pain free and much more supple. Teaching class is much easier now" Laura, Dublin.  

“I suffered for 20 years with chronic IBS and with impaction for the last 3 years.  I visited Anna five times over 5 months and by the 5th visit it was totally resolved.  I can't believe it.  I don't need laxatives and sachets to go anymore”.

Marie, Dublin 2

"I consulted Anna in August 2007 for a painful bowel disorder (ulcerative colitis). She sugested some easy-to-do changes to my diet and lifestyle. Within a month or so I was much better and within 4 months was symptom-free. My gastro-enterologist has just done some new tests and can't believe my progress". 

Sharon, Killiney.

“Last year, I suffered from stomach pains, bloating and hormonal imbalance and I went to see Anna to seek some help. She put me on a simple dietary and lifestyle changes that were easy to fit into my life.  After 12 weeks my symptoms disappeared and today I still follow her helpful guidelines most of the time.She always worked with so much enthusiasm.  I strongly recommand her to you if you need to improve your health”. 

Isabelle Morvan, Killiney

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