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What does Osteopathy treat?

Osteopathy uses safe and natural methods and can help treat and relieve a variety of conditions including:

Low Back Pain Trapped nerves Neck Pain Slipped Disc,
Sciatica Whiplash Injuries Headaches and Migraines Knee pain and stiffness
Pregnancy Pain Pelvic Pain Post natal back pain. RSI repetitive strain
Digestive disturbances Sports injuries Baby complaints colic, reflux Childhood complaints
recurrent ear, nose and throat infections

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a holistic treatment system developed by American doctor Andrew Taylor Still, born in 1828.
His research into how the body works led him to understand that all parts of the body were interrelated.

What does treatment involve?
Osteopathic treatment consists of movements which gently manipulate and stimulate muscles, ligaments and bones. The osteopath mainly uses their hands and with skilled palpation able to examine and direct treatment with a greater degree of precision.

Advice and guidance play a vital role because exercise, rest, posture and emotional well being are central to recovery and on-going health.

Your first consultation
Your practitioner begins by taking a detailed case history, not only of your current symptoms or problem but also of your past history and medical record. This information helps him/her to understand why your current symptoms or problems have developed.

Length of Appointment: 1 hour - follow up 30 minutes.

What to wear?
On your first consultation you may be asked to dress down to your underwear so that the appropriate examination may be conducted.  After which loose clothing t-shirt, shorts and tracksuit bottoms can be worn.  If you have any concerns regarding what to wear please discuss this with your osteopath.

How many treatments?

Each patient is different and there is no guideline to the number of treatments required. This will vary depending on the cause of the complaint, and will be discussed with you at the first consultation. We will do regular reviews to keep you informed of the progression of the treatments.

Health Insurance?
Fees for osteopathic treatment may in part or whole be claimed back by your health insurer.  All osteopaths at the Littlejohn Centre are approved by VHI, Aviva, Lyrica and HSA.  Please contact your health insurer to see what cover and reimbursements you are entitled to receive.

Cost of Treatment
Generally treatments vary from €50-€70 depending on the practioner of your choice. Please contact reception for exact and up to date prices.

For list of Qualified and Insurance approved osteopaths click here to go to our therapist section.